Together we can now plant mangrove trees in the Philippines and Madagascar to protect marine wildlife and save the oceans, to fight climate change, create jobs for people in need, and getting plastic removed from the oceans as well.
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will be planting one mangrove tree.
As a bonus, for every tree, 1 kg of plastic from the oceans is being removed!
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Our collaboration with  contributes to the planting of mangrove trees in several areas from the Philippines and Madagascar.

Trees play a vital role to preserve marine wildlife. Mangrove trees filter water and offer habitat for a myriad of small marine wildlife such as fish and crabs. These again are valuable food sources for birds and larger fish. 

Mangrove trees also prevent soil erosion in coastal areas and have proven to be the most efficient barrier between seas and land.

Furthermore, mangrove trees are among the most efficient trees for carbon dioxide absorption.

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