organic by feldman

Mindful Stories

Just imagine hiking through the forest smelling the cool wet breeze and feel reborn.
Forests have the capacity of filling you with energy and calmness; it is also known that their leaves and roots have healing benefits and relaxing properties.

We chose some of this trees from all around the world and made a powerful pattern so that the wonderful properties from each tree would be passed on.

organic by feldman

Mindful Stories

Plants, often a symbol of love, hope, vitality and fertility, they are also considered the oldest medicine ever, discovered thousands of years ago, they were the basic materials for the first remedies.

The Plants Delight collection is a symbol of liveliness.

organic by feldman

Mindful Stories

- close to the sky -
A symbol of the rise of human consciousness, the ability to evolve, to grow spiritually.

The peak stands for success, mindfulness, perfection. In this collection we have selected for you six of the most impressive and significant mountain peaks of the World and united them in a powerful design.

organic by feldman

Mindful Stories

Source of life - water the primitive substance of all life. Water element has a mysterious life force.

Symbol of renewal, cleansing and healing. Origin of life, as an element of physical and mental regeneration,containing the elemental knowledge of creation.

organic by feldman Mindful Stories


SUN OCHRE - Return to the earth, rebirth, enlightenment.

PETROL-BLUE - Deep, thought-provoking color has a soothing and relaxing effect.

SAGE-GREEN - The color green has healing power and is known to be the most relaxing color.

SIENNA EARTH - Association of the concepts of“all natural” and “organic”, it is the Earth’s color and is comforting and nurturing.

NATURE - Each cotton crop naturally gives a unique tone to the fabric.



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